Football Thigh Pads

What are Football Thigh Pads?

Football thigh pads are synthetic foam inserts designed specifically for football. They may fit into football pants or be built-in already. Thigh pads are required for all positions, except kickers and punters in the NFL.

Football Thigh Pads

Purpose of Thigh Pads

Thigh pads are used to protect players' femur bones from contact with players or the ground. Thigh pads are usually the thickest leg pads a player will wear because they need to absorb the most contact.

Positions that Use Thigh Pads

The ball-carrying positions benefit the most from thigh pads because they get tackled more than other players. Quarterbacks, as well as wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends need thigh pads to protect their legs from tackles. Thigh pads are also important for defenders, who have to absorb contact from the offense to make successful tackles.

Purchasing Thigh Pads

Thigh pads are available at sporting goods stores or online. They may be purchased as part of a complete pair of pants or separately. Although many different brands make thigh pads, the basic composition and structure of the pads are generally all the same.

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