Football tees and holders

Football Tee

What are Football Tees and Holders?

Kicking is an important part of football. As a result, kickers must practice kicking on a regular basis. To practice kicks on their own, kickers will use holders. They are designed to hold the ball still, mimicking a human holder from an in-game situation.

Tees are more commonly found in rugby but are used for kickoffs in football also. Kickers will place a ball on a tee before a kickoff to hold the ball in place for their running start.

Players who want these pieces of equipment themselves can now find them more easily than ever. Many major sporting goods stores, like DICKS, or online specialist gear shops will stock the equipment in a variety of styles and colors.

Practice vs. Game

In a game and in practice, the use of tees is the same. Kickers will place the ball on the tee and take a kick the exact same way whether in a practice or game situation. Only in very windy conditions is a human holder required on kickoffs.

However, for holders, there is a difference. In games, kickers will be required to kick field goals and extra points while a human holder holds the ball on the ground. There is a higher degree of difficulty for this, hence its preference in game.

In practice, a piece of equipment is used more often as it can mimic perfect kicking conditions, allowing kickers to practice perfectly. This also allows their holder, usually a back-up quarterback, to practice themselves.

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