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Football Shoulder Pads

What is football shoulder pads? Get ready to learn about shoulder pads in football.

What are Football Shoulder Pads?

Shoulder pads are an indispensable piece of equipment that football players have to wear to play the game safely. They are like an armor that goes shoulder-to-shoulder and down to a player's chest area. Shoulder pads essential so that players can tackle and be tackled safely. They have to be shock absorbent and have a hardcover at the same time and that way a combination of materials such as plastic and EVA is used.

A player's position dictates what kind of shoulder pad will work best for him. Different positions in football require different skills, and different shoulder pad models adapt to that. While a quarterback needs arm mobility to throw, a defensive tackle needs more protection because of the amount of force his body is constantly exposed to. There are also very high-quality multi-position shoulder pads, which are more popular in youth and amateur leagues.

Where to Buy a Shoulder Pad

Many brands produce and sell shoulder pads, and they can easily be found in major retailers such as Dick's Sporting Goods. A very popular brand among football players is Riddell; they make shoulder pads for every position in a football team. If you are not sure what is the best fit for you, many football-themed blogs have guides and reviews of shoulder pads and can help you find the best option.


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