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Football Pants

What is football pants? Get ready to learn about pants in football.

What Are Football Pants?

Football pants are specially designed pants that are worn by football players during games. They are made of tight-fitting materials and feature pockets for protective padding. Football pants come in a variety of different brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour and Schutt, although it is mandated that NFL players wear Nike products due to a supplier deal between the NFL and Nike.


Design of Football Pants

Football pants are generally made from a combination of nylon and spandex. Nylon is used to ensure that the pants are light and tear-resistant while spandex is used for its stretchability, allowing players to maneuver freely while wearing football pants. Unlike regular pants, football pants feature a lace-up fly that can be tied and fastened, as a traditional zippered fly presents a safety hazard and would likely break when subjected to the rigorous conditions of a football game. Inside of the pants are two thigh pockets and two knee pockets. These cut-outs are specially measured and designed to have thigh pads and knee pads inserted to protect the players. The pants also feature a belt area, where belts with metal rings and a rope-like material can be inserted to prevent the pants from falling down during the game.

Football pants have evolved in recent years to prevent players from having to insert the pads on their own or worry about the pads falling out of their respective pockets, with many football pants being manufactured with built-in pads that are more secure.

An important feature of football pants is the color scheme. At virtually every level, players wear pants that are equipped with team decals (often the logo) and match the team's primary and secondary colors.


The main purpose for wearing football pants is to ensure player safety. Throughout the course of a game, the knees and thighs and extremely susceptible to injury, making it necessary to wear pants that can be equipped with padding that protects against hard contact to the lower body.

Purchasing Football Pants

Football pants can be bought directly from the manufacturer, but are generally found for more affordable prices at various in-store and online sports outlets such as Dick's Sporting Goods, EastBay and Sports Unlimited. However, football pants are often provided by the team so that the uniform is consistent for all players.

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