Football Neck Rolls

Football Neck Roll

What are Football Neck Rolls?

Neck rolls are any type of padding that protects the neck of a football player from being injured. By attaching to the shoulder pads of a player, they ensure that the exposed neck region under the helmet stays in the proper position to prevent head and neck injuries, most commonly whiplash.

There are two main types of neck rolls, round and contoured, with the contoured version featuring a flatter design. Each roll is made from sturdy foam and are differentiated based on player's comfort preferences since their effectiveness is equal.

Neck rolls can either tie onto the shoulder pads or be screwed directly to them. The tied versions are said to "float" as they are not permanently attached. The non-floating pads are preferred compared to the traditional tie-on design because they do not restrict the range of motion of an athlete. Cowboy collars are another form of neck roll that is larger and therefore protects a more widespread area.

The popularity of neck rolls has decreased in the NFL, as innovations in technology as well as the emphasis on tackling below the shoulders has rendered neck rolls almost obsolete. Players still wear them when recovering from neck injuries or even because they like the style of how they look since many of their idols growing up donned the protective padding.

Purchasing Neck Rolls

Neck rolls can be bought at many football and sports stores, specifically Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports Ultimate, or on their respective websites. These websites or workers at the store have guides to help a player to but the design that gives them the most support while still being comfortable.

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