Football Mouth Guards

Football mouth guard

What are Football Mouth Guards?

Why Do Football Players Wear Mouth Guards?

Football players wear mouth guards to protect themselves from mouth injuries. A mouth guard covers the athlete's upper teeth. Mouth guards are highly recommended, often required, for athletes participating in contact sports, including football. At the high school and college level, football players are required to wear mouth guards. As for professional football players, they are not required to wear mouth guards during play. The American Dental Association strongly urges all football players to wear them.


Football players should look for mouth guards that have a comfortable fit and ones that do not tear easily. It is also smart for a football player to get a mouth guard that is easy to talk with while it is in. The three types of mouth guards that a football player can purchase are custom-made, boil and bite, and stock. Custom-made mouth guards can be acquired through an athlete's dentist. They are made to fit the athlete's exact mouth and teeth shape. Although favored by most players, these are the most expensive. Boil and bite mouth guards are sold at various sporting goods stores. After purchase, an athlete must boil it in water and proceed to create a mold in it by biting down. Stock mouth guards are cheap and not often preferred by football players. They cannot be customized and are often uncomfortable.

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