Football Knee Pads

What Are Football Knee Pads?

In the sport of football, knee pads are a mandatory part of a player's uniform. Knee pads are inserted or built into the bottom part of football pants. Knee pads are made from synthetic foam material and must be at least inch thick.

Football Knee Pads

Purpose of Knee Pads

Knee pads protect players' knees from contact to other players or the ground. Many players dislike knee pads because of their supposed running restrictions, but they are mandatory at basically every level of competition. Only punters and placekickers are permitted to not use knee pads at some levels because they may be too restricting to the punting and kicking motions.

Positions that Use Knee Pads

Quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers benefit greatly from knee pads because they are the players most likely to be tackled. These positions, though, are also the most likely to improperly use knee pads because of the amount of movement involved. Knee pads are often too small or positioned too far up the leg to make a difference on wide receivers, which is why every player is required to cover their knees with their pads.

Purchasing Knee Pads

Knee pads can be purchased separately or included in pre-made football pants at most sporting goods stores. Some football pants require knee pads to be inserted, while others come with pads already stitched in.

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