Football Jockstraps

Football jockstrap

What are Football Jockstraps?

Jockstraps were originally called jockey straps, due to their use in the sport of cycling. From cycling, they spread to other high-contact sports to protect the groin area of athletes. They compress the area and most have a space for a protective apparatus like a cup to be placed. When contact sports first became popular, the jockstrap was a must have for all athletes. Today, while most sports leagues require some kind of protection, the jock strap is not the first choice. Alternative cups and compression shorts that are more comfortable than the jockstrap are more often being chosen by athletes.

The main goal of the jock strap or any other alternative is to avoid blunt trauma to the groin area. Athletes in high contact sports risk injury anywhere on the body, but the groin area is one sensitive area that most athletes refuse to risk injury to. Most athletes today prefer compression shorts that also allow for a cup to be placed. This way, they are more covered than if they were to wear a jockstrap, and far more comfortable.

Purchasing Jockstraps or Alternatives

Jockstraps and other alternatives can be bought online or at most sporting goods stores. They are often bought alongside a protective cup. Athletes often have personal preferences as to which they prefer based on comfort and protection levels. Today, many companies have been working to develop the most comfortable and protective apparel possible in order to protect athletes as much as they can.

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