Football Hip Pads

What are Football Hip Pads?

Football hip pads are synthetic foam inserts located inside football pants and usually include a tailbone pad as well. Although not required by the NFL, most competitions (including the NCAA) require hip pads to be worn by all players. The NFL strongly recommends wearing hip pads, as long as the uniform covers them.

Football Hip Pads

Purpose of Hip Pads

Hip pads protect a player's pelvic bone from contact with other players or the ground. The tailbone pad covers the tailbone and serves the same purpose.

Positions that Use Hip Pads

The ball-carrying positions-quarterback, running back, tight end, and wide receiver-typically benefit more from hip pads due to the higher risk of being tackled. Of course, these are also the positions that are most reluctant to wear hip pads because of the restrictions to movement.

Purchasing Hip Pads

Hip pads can be purchased at most sporting goods stores either individually or included in pre-made football pants along with knee, tailbone, and thigh pads. There are also many athletic undergarments that may include hip and tailbone pads that can be purchased at outlets and sporting goods stores, although these do not count as official pads and must be completely covered by the uniform.

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