Football Helmet Radios

Football helmet radio

What are Football Helmet Radios?

History of Helmet Radios

The football helmet radio was first invented in 1956. Two Ohio men created the system secretly for the Cleveland Browns to use. As a result, helmet radios were not allowed to be used in the NFL for nearly forty years. They were allowed to be used in the NFL starting in 1994. Football helmet radios are also used at the college playing level as well.

Purpose of Football Radio Helmets

Rather than coaches using just hand signals, a football radio helmet contains technology that allows a coach to communicate with a player through the radio. Usually it is the quarterback who is the player who has the helmet radio on him. It allows for more efficient and effective communication between a coach and football player.

Purchasing Helmet Radios

Helmet radios have a range in prices and tend to be fairly expensive if a team wants an advanced set. For higher playing levels, teams will have incredibly advanced and expensive systems. Cheaper sets can also be acquired if a younger football player wanted to pretend to be one of his favorite quarterbacks while playing with friends in the backyard.

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