Football flak jackets

Football Flak Jackets

What Are Football Flak Jackets?

Football flak jackets, otherwise known as rib protectors, are pieces of protective equipment that are attached to the shoulder pads and wrapped around the abdomen/rib area. Flak jackets have a hard exterior and a soft, padded interior in order to protect the wearer from hard contact while also preventing any discomfort from wearing an additional piece of equipment. While flak jackets are used by players at various positions, quarterbacks are the most frequent wearers due to the fact that they take consistent hits to their stomach and ribs throughout the course of a game.

Benefits of Wearing a Flak Jacket

While flak jackets are often overlooked relative to other equipment in football (i.e. knee pads, shoulder pads, helmets), they are nonetheless incredibly effective at preventing injury. Without a flak jacket, the stomach/rib area is the one part of the body that is not protected by safety equipment. With helmets and shoulder pads posing a number of injury risks should they contact an exposed part of the player's body, a flak jacket provides a simple fix. Numerous quarterbacks have been seen wearing flak jackets in recent years, including none other than Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning.

Purchasing a Flak Jacket

Flak Jackets can be purchased at various sporting goods stores or directly from manufacturers such as Riddell.

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