Football Flags

Football Flags

What are Football Flags?

Football flags are used by referees to signal when a penalty has occurred on the field. At every level of the game, referees will throw their flag in the air in the direction of the foul to signify an infraction has occurred. Referees will usually have one or two flags.

The flags are always yellow so they can be seen easily. They are usually weighted so as to make them easier to throw. They used to be weighted by referees themselves, but are now almost always weighed down by a small amount of sand.

What if a Referee Needs more Flags?

There are only seven referees on the field at a given time during a game so any given referee needs to be watching multiple things at once. Any one of them can identify a foul and throw a flag.

However, if a referee spots multiple fouls on a given play, they may run out of flags. In this instance, you may see referees throw their hat to signal a foul.

Purchasing Flags

Flags are a specialty piece of equipment that may not be necessary for a pick-up game at the beach or park. Most people or organizations who need flags will order them from specialty online stores that stock football-related gear.

That said, a piece of yellow cloth can easily be weighted and tied together at home if someone in the house prefers to be a little more hands on.

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