Football Cleats

Football Cleats

What are Football Cleats?

Football cleats are a piece of equipment that players wear on their feet. They are studded on the bottom to provide grip on the playing surface

Older cleats tended to be made of leather and the studs were made of wood or metal. As the cleats and society evolved, more plastic was used as the lighter, more durable material can withstand the demands of the faster, bigger players of the modern game.

Why Do Players Need Football Cleats?

Players need cleats for a couple of main reasons. The first and the most prominent reason is that they allow the athlete to perform at their best. This is because they provide superior grip to regular sneakers on turf or grass, the main playing surfaces in football.

Different designs and configurations of studs on the bottom of the footwear help different positions. For example, running backs and wide receivers will wear higher-ankled boots with more studs to allow them to plant and grip the field more quickly without the risk of ankle injuries.

Purchasing Football Cleats

Football cleats can be bought at most major sporting goods stores like Dicks or Modells. Footwear specialists, like Footlocker, may also stock them.

As sports have become more popular, brands will often compete for athletes to wear their shoes so they can also be bought directly from sportswear manufacturers like Nike or Adidas either online or in a store.

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