Football Balls

What are Football Balls?

Football balls, or footballs, are leather covered oval-shaped balls filled with air and rubber. Sometimes called pigskin, these balls used to be more round than oval, missing the pointed tips that are seen today. Over time, and with the development of more technology, the ball has become more pointed and less round to allow for a better throw with a spiral. The length of the ball measures at 28 inches, and in 1935 the width of the ball was shortened to eleven inches and has remained that way ever since. The original stem that was used to pump up the ball began to get in the way, so in 1924 a new method of pumping was invented that did away with the need for a pump. This method remains the same today. The ball's oblong shape makes it hard to follow as it bounces on the field, but it allowed for further and more accurate passes, so players have learned to adapt to unpredictable bounces.

Football Ball

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