Football Accessories

Helmet Accessories

There are accessories that can enhance the comfort and look in regards to a football player's helmet. These accessories include:

  • Chin strap shield
  • Helmet sticker
  • Helmet visor
  • Skull cap

A chin strap shield, helmet sticker and helmet visor can all be attached to a football player's helmet. A skull cap is worn directly on a football player's head and helps to absorb sweat from a player's head. These accessories can be bought at various sporting goods stores as well as online.

Team Accessories

Team accessories are products that football players will often purchase alongside with their team. There are some teams that prefer to have matching accessories to look more uniform and organized. These accessories can be customized for a team's color. These accessories include:

Although the above products are listed under the category of team accessories, they can all be purchased independently as well. Not all teams choose to have the matching accessories listed above. It is not necessary for a football team to buy all of these products together.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Miscellaneous accessories are accessories that do not belong to one specific category but can be helpful to a football player at practice or during a game. These accessories include:

  • Hand warmers
  • Towels
  • Eye black
  • Water bottle
  • Compression sleeve

None of these miscellaneous accessories are required, however, a water bottle is highly encouraged. All of these accessories can be purchased at sporting goods stores or online.

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