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Football Equipment List

What is the list of equipment needed to play football? Where can you buy the best football gear? Here is a complete list of football equipment.


What are the Pieces of Equipment for Football?

Being properly prepared to play on the football field, you'll need to have the proper gear. There's a list of things a player needs in order to play, and a few things that players have in order to look a little bit cooler out on the field. The necessities include: helmet, cleats and shoulder pads, and a mouth guard, along with leg, knee, and elbow pads. Some of the add-ons include: a helmet visor, gloves, hand warmers, and a towel.

Here is a complete list of football equipment:

Football NFL Gear

In the NFL, players must wear the following gear:

Football Player Equipment

The gear required to play football is significant. It's important that players wear gear that protects them from injury on the field.

Due to the dangerous nature of football, players must wear lots of protective equipment in order to play at a safe level. Along with protective gear comes gear that is used to tell players apart from one another. Both types of equipment are necessary for a football game.

Protective Gear

Arguably the most important piece of football equipment is the helmet and facemask. The modern day football helmet is made up of a hard outer shell with padding on the inside to help absorb hard hits to the head. The facemask is also made of hard plastic and helps protect the front of the face. Due to the rise of concussions in contact sports, these pieces are crucial for players.

Other protective gear includes the shoulder pads, thigh pads, and knee pads. This gear is designed to absorb contact to their specific areas on the body. While the shoulder pads are made of a harder shell with foam underneath, the thigh and knee pads are just made of foam and plastic material. All players must wear shoulder pads during a game, but at some higher levels of football, some players do not where thigh or knee pads depending on their position.

The Necessities


The most important of all the pieces of equipment. This helps protect players' heads when they make contact with other players.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are meant to protect the shoulders. Just like the helmet, these are to protect the players when they make contact with others on the field. Quarterbacks typically have slightly smaller pads because, if not, it would make it more difficult to throw. Kickers and punters have little to no pads as they are usually involved in non-contact scenarios.


Cleats are the shoes you wear on the football field. These are essentially shoes designed for the field, as the spikes in the bottom allows the cleats to dig into the turf, rather than slide on it, giving the player better traction on the field.

Mouth Guards

These are usually attached to the helmet's face mask and is meant to go in the player's mouth. The purpose is to protect the player's teeth and mouth in general as well as help reduce the risk of concussions.

Knee, Elbow, and Leg Pads

The other pads that aren't on the shoulders or the head are for different body parts specifically. The knee pads are typically a sleeve that helps protect the knee from getting hit head on, which would result in a worse injury than with the pad. The elbow pads are very similar. Leg pads are for the thigh and hamstring area.


Helmet Visor

A built-in pair of sunglasses for a player's helmet, these are just as much for practicality as they are for the look.


These are used most frequently by receivers, tight ends, and defensive backs. They help with catching the ball, especially in harsher weather like snow and rain, because they typically have a sticky feel on them.

Hand Warmers

The name says it all. These are used mostly by quarterbacks, kickers and punters, and are usually like a belt around the player's waist, with a pouch for the player to put their hands inside.


Towels are worn by pretty much any player who frequently has the ball in their hands, and is used just to wipe the ball down if it is wet or dirty.

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