Do All Players On The Team Get Super Bowl Rings?

Do All Players On The Team Get Super Bowl Rings

After winning the Super Bowl, how many people get a Super Bowl ring? Everyone on the winning roster, along with coaches, executives, and practice squad players, receives a coveted Super Bowl Ring. The players on the practice squad often get one of lesser value. The owner of the teams can also award rings to whomever they choose.

How Many Rings Can a Super Bowl Team Give Out?

There are no official rules regarding which team members can and cannot receive Super Bowl rings, but there is a limit to the number of rings a team can order. Super Bowl-winning teams are allowed to order a maximum of 150 rings for their team, though it is up to them how these rings are distributed.

How Many Players Get a Super Bowl Ring?

An NFL team has a limit of a 53-man roster, and typically, each of the 53 players will receive a Super Bowl Ring. This includes the 11 starters on both offense and defense and the positional players on special teams. Additionally, the 16 players on the team’s practice squad can also receive rings, though they are usually of lesser value than the starters’ rings. However, this is not always a guarantee, as the team may have other members or staff it wishes to give rings out to. Injured players also often receive Super Bowl Rings, though this also can vary depending upon how long they were injured and how their performance impacted the team’s progress toward their championship victory.

Do Players Traded Away From the Team Get a Super Bowl Ring?

Those traded away from the team or cut from the roster are generally not guaranteed a Super Bowl Ring if their team should win. Sometimes, however, they are given a ring by the owner of the winning team as a means of thanking them for their services. A notable example of this was the New England Patriots’ on-and-off running back, Kenjon Barner, who was cut prior to the playoffs in the 2018 season. After the Patriots won Super Bowl LIII, Robert Kraft, the team’s owner, sent the running back a ring to thank him for all he had done for the team.

How Many Coaches, Staff, and Executives Get a Super Bowl Ring?

The number of coaches and team personnel that receive rings varies from team to team. Some coaches do more than one job and therefore, the team doesn’t need that extra coach. The most common coaches to receive a Super Bowl Ring are the Head Coach, the Assistant Head Coach, the Defensive, Offensive, and Special Teams Coordinators, the Offensive Line Coach, and the Defensive Line Coach.

Other executives who are a part of each NFL team’s executive committee may also receive Super Bowl Rings. This is because they are the ones that help manage the team and make rule changes within the league. These executives include the Team Owner, the General Manager, the Director of Pro Personnel, the Director of College Scouting, and the CEO.


Do practice squad players get Super Bowl rings?

Practice squad players do get Super Bowl rings, but they are typically less expensive than those rings given to the starting players. In addition, coaches and team executives may be given Super Bowl rings to recognize their contributions, as may particularly impactful players that were traded away before the Super Bowl.

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