Football Pass Defense

Pass Defense

A pass defense in football may refer to the players defending a pass attempt in football or a defensive setup used to guard the pass. As a statistic, a pass defense refers to when a defensive back guards a receiver well enough for the pass to fall incomplete but not due to an error of the quarterback. A pass defense can be a forced incompletion by swatting the ball away or tackling the receiver so they drop the ball. Pass defense may also refer to the defenders guarding the pass as a whole, usually referred to as the 'secondary'. With the pass becoming more and more common in football, a strong pass defense is vital to any teams success.

Types of Pass Defenses

One of the main types of pass defense formations is the nickel 40 defense, which is good for counteracting offensive pass action plays. It's also a good formation against a team that uses a lot of wide receivers. The eight men in a box formation utilizes a strong safety to prevent long passes from occurring. The zone defense consists of defenders slipping into specific areas in an attempt to intercept or deflect any passes that come into their area.

Guarding a Pass

Pass defenses may be vulnerable to short passes as most of the defense is focused on intercepting long passes. Regardless of the defensive position, a player who is working on pass defense should be able to read the field quickly and efficiently.