Football Cover Four Defense

What is Cover Four Defense in Football?

Cover four is a defensive zone in football. It is a four-deep and three-under zone. Even though it is a zone defense, it also involves man-to-man aspects as well. Linebackers and extra defensive backs are responsible for covering the shallow zones. This is in the event of a pass. The responsibilities of the cornerbacks in a cover four zone defense vary. Usually, cornerbacks are responsible for man-to-man coverage of the wide receiver. As for the safeties, these football players have to determine what the receiver on their side of the field will do. As they read the play, they will adjust their positioning accordingly.

Cover Four Strengths and Weaknesses

A cover four zone defense in football has both its strengths and weaknesses. As for strengths, it is an effective zone if every defensive player fully understands his role and responsibilities in this zone. It is a zone that can be very useful against a run play. In regards to weaknesses for the cover four zone defense, it can be fairly easy to recognize as an offensive player. As a result, offensive players may be able to easily readjust and adapt to this particular defensive setup.