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Football 7-2 Defense

What is football 7-2 defense? Get ready to learn about 7-2 defense in football.

What is 7-2 defense in football?

The 7-2 defense is a defensive scheme that you will see a team employ at times. It is a little bit more of an unorthodox scheme and is not one of the more common defensive styles in football. The scheme relies more heavily on players being on the line of scrimmage. The 7-2 defense is also known as the "seven box defense." It is really a 7-2-2 defense, as there are two more defenders on the field, generally those two are safeties. The front seven, or the closest to the line of scrimmage, are all linemen, referred to in this scheme as "down lineman."

Why use a 7-2 defense?

A 7-2 defense is best used in a scenario in what the defense strongly feels is a run situation. The reason? Having seven of your biggest and strongest defensive players on the front line of the defense allows to create something of a brick wall, so a productive run play would be hard to come by. You have the linebackers and safeties behind them to create a second layer of the defense so that if somehow a running back managed to squeak through, there is insurance.

The 7-2 defense has essentially been considered an archaic defensive scheme, as offenses began to discover they could easily pass through it. However, in more modern American football, the 3-4 defense has been considered a deviation of the original 7-2-2 scheme.

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