Football 46 Defense

What is 46 Defense in Football?

The 46 defense in football is a very physical defensive setting created in the 80s by Coach Buddy Ryan. The defense has a focus on pressuring, attacking, and especially sacking the quarterback with as many players as possible. That kind of staggering pressure leads the quarterback to release the ball quickly without much thought, generating turnovers. The name "46" unlike other defensive system, comes from an important part of the 85 Chicago Bears team that was very successful running the 46 defense; Doug Plank, a safety-linebacker mix who wore jersey number 46.

The 46 defense works with four down linemen, three linebackers, two corners, and two safeties on the field. The defense mounts a defensive line hard to get through, making it nearly impossible for teams to run with the ball. That way, the quarterback finds himself in a situation where the pass is the best option. However, with the players who have the necessary skills, the quarterback will be extremely pressured, and a good pass will not be easy to find

football 46 defense

The 1985 Chicago Bears

The 85 Bears are considered by many as one of the best teams in history. They won Super Bowl XX and finished the season 15-1. Buddy Ryan was the Bears' defensive coordinator, whose secret was the 46 defense. The Bears had extraordinary defensive players such as Mike Singletary and Dan Hampton, as well as other pieces that perfectly fit Coach Ryan's system making their defense unstoppable.

The 46 Defense Today

The 46 defense is not used as much as it used to be nowadays and many wonder why. For starters, for better or worse the game of football has changed, and players are much better at passing then they were back in 1985. Also, it was mentioned that the 85 Chicago Bears had an exceptional lineup of players that perfectly fit together. That all-time defensive lineup is not easy to find, making it even rarer for teams to run the 46 defense today.