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Football 4-4 Defense

What is 4-4 defense in football?

The 4-4 defense is another defensive scheme often employed in American football. In a 4-4 scheme, the defense employs a four-man defensive lineman up front. Behind the defensive linemen are four linebackers, typically two inside linebackers that play in the middle of the defense and two outside linebackers that play on either side of the defensive line. The remaining through players on the field usually consist of two cornerbacks and one safety.

Why use a 4-4 defense?

A 4-4 defense has a little more flexibility than some other defenses because the 4th linebacker can sometimes be played by a strong safety, as their abilities oftentimes overlap. Adding a strong safety into the mix instead of a linebacker as quickness to the team. This is a big bonus for a defense as it creates another obstacle for the offense, having a more versatile player on the defensive side.

Football 4-4 Defense