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College Football Division 1a

What is college football division 1a? Get ready to learn about college division 1a in football.

NCAA Divisions

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has three distinct divisions of competition: Division I, Division II, and Division III. Division I schools have the largest athletic budgets and sponsor the most sports.

Football Subdivisions

Within Division I, there are two subdivisions for schools with football programs. Some schools do not have football programs-these are simply referred to as being in Division I. Other schools have football programs and compete in the NCAA's Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). These schools compete in Division I-AA, and are a part of the NCAA's official post-season tournament.

Finally, there is Division I-A. Schools in D-IA have the largest athletic budgets, give out the most athletic scholarships, and must meet minimum requirements for football attendance. Division I-A is known as the Football Bowl Subdivision, or FBS. Unlike the FCS, the FBS uses bowl games for postseason matchups, including the College Football Playoff.


D-IA schools are expected to be the most competitive, most recognizable, and most successful in big competitions. Only teams in Division I-A compete in bowl games, although teams from the FBS and FCS are allowed to play each other during the regular season.

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