Football Intersection Point

What is intersection point in football?

The intersection point in football is the point at which opposing players will intersect when running down the field. The intersection point is an important component for team members and coaches to consider when creating plays and strategies on the field.

About the Intersection Point

Since the intersection point is the place where both teams cross paths, it's important for players to visualize where they face opponents before they actually face them. Doing this requires players to take a quick glance at the field and the players and know where to take their next move.

The intersection point can help offensive members improve their strategies and even change their direction on the field to avoid a defensive member. Intersection points can also be utilized for defensive members, too. The faster they can put pressure on the offense, the faster they reached the intersection point. Also, defensive players are always trying to keep the offense as far away from the end zone as possible, so the quicker they go head to head, the quicker the defense can put pressure on the ball carrier.


Coaches can run drills that focus on quickening the time and distance it takes to put pressure on the other team to act, whether that be on offense or defense. Although the intersection point doesn't seem like it's important in the grand scheme of the game, it can help show coaches and players what areas need to be improved and just how long it's taking to go head to head with their opponents.