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Football Field Number

What are those numbers on the field? Why do some yard lines have numbers? The field numbers are used to help fans and players see the field and know what yard line the ball is on in football.

Football Field Numbers

Take a look at the football field. Do you see the white numbers? We've highlighted all of them below.

Football Field Numbers

The field numbers are used to:

  • to help fans and players visualize the field
  • to quickly name any yard line

Yard Line Names

Every yard line has a name, like the 50 yard line, located at the middle of the field dividing it equally in two.

Football 50 Yard Line

Notice that these numbers count from fifty towards one in both directions. There is no such thing as the 51-yard line or the 99-yard line. Instead, there are duplicates of every yard line and only one 50 yard line.

Football Field Arrows

So why do the numbers count from fifty? Well, do you see those small directional arrows next to each number? they are pointed in opposite directions showing the distance to the closest goal line.

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