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Football Touchdown

What is a touchdown in football? How many points is a touchdown? Get ready to learn about football touchdowns.


A touchdown in football is worth six points and requires a team to bring the football into the opposing team's end zone.

Football Touchdown

Touchdown Rules

To score touchdown, a player must:

Football Passing

A player must remain inbounds when catching a pass. A successful catch is called a completion. In the NFL, both feet must be inbounds when catching a pass. In college football, only one foot must be inbounds for a completion.

Break The Plane

The goal line marks the front of the end zone. For a touchdown to count, the ball must go through the goal line. This is called breaking the plane of the goal line.

Football Instant Replay

Sometimes a touchdown is too close to call. Instant replay may be used to see if the ball went through the goal line.


After a touchdown is scored, teams can earn one or two additional points. This is called the PAT or try.

REMEMBER: No one calls it a try in football. This term is only used in the rulebook. Everyone calls the try the extra point or the two point conversion.

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