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Football Timeouts

What is a timeout? How much time is a timeout in football? Get ready to learn about football timeouts and how teams can stop the game clock from ticking in football.

Football Timeouts

Timeouts are used to stop the game clock from ticking. After a timeout is called, the play clock still ticks and lasts 25 seconds.

Football Timeouts

NFL Timeouts

Each team is given three timeouts during a half. Timeouts don't carry over to the second half. It is in the team's best interest to use their timeouts before the half ends.

Calling Timeouts

No team can call two timeouts in a row on the same scrimmage down.

Football Timeout Strategy

A team will use a timeout:

  1. To conserve time
  2. To change the play design
  3. To prevent a Delay of Game penalty
  4. To ice the kicker

Football Time

Teams call timeouts to stop the game clock from ticking. This is done to save time for a chance to score.

Time is important in football. More time on the clock means more chances to score. Teams will save time, especially when the score is close.

Football Plays

Calling a timeout allows the head coach to change the play design. The head coach may wait to see how a team is positioned on the field before calling a timeout.

Football Delay Of Game

Teams will call a timeout to prevent a Delay of Game penalty. A team will call a timeout if they are not on the field when the play clock nearing 0:00.

Football Icing

Teams will call a timeout to ice a player in hopes of them making a mistake.

The best example of this is when a team ices the opposing team's kicker. Just before a kick is made, a player or coach on a football team will call a timeout. There is a possibility that the kicker will make a mistake on the next play.

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