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Football The Field

What is a football field? What does a football field look like? Get ready to learn the basics of football fields.

Football Field

The football field is where the game of football is played.

Football Field

Football Field Parts

There are two (2) big parts that make up the majority of the football field. They are:

  1. the end zones
  2. the field of play

Football End Zones

Football Field of Play

Football Field Lines

The following are the types of lines you should know that exist on a football field:

We'll learn about their significance in future tutorials.

Football Boundaries

The football boundaries define when a player is inbounds and out of bounds. The sidelines and end lines make up the boundaries on a football field.

American Football Field

There are lots of parts to a football field. Here is a list of the components of the football field you should know:

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