Football Special Teams Unit

The football special teams is an important unit of players on a football team. Get ready to learn about special football and why this group of players matters in football.

Football Special Teams Unit

The special teams do not get the credit they deserve. A strong special teams is critical to winning a football game. The pressure often rests in the special teams performing the winning field goal or extra point. In this tutorial, we will learn about being special in football.

Football Special Teams

REMEMBER: There can only be 11 players on the field of play during a game. Football allows unlimited substitutions to be made during a game. Football players are grouped into three (3) groups:

Football Special Team Goals

The special teams of a football team has the following goals:

  1. To get in strong field position
  2. To score points

The special teams is called onto the field for all types of kicks and returns during a football game.

Football Player Positions

There are many ways to structure a football special teams, but every special teams unit will have the same basic structure:

Check out Football Special Team Positions to see the player positions.

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