Football Snappers

Chapter 10.4

The snapper (S) has a job of snapping the ball to the kicker during a kick in a football game. Get ready to learn about the snapper in football.


We've already learned about scrimmage downs and the snap or hike in past chapters.

Rookie Road Football Snap Image

Now, it's time to meet the snapper, a player on the special teams responsible for snapping or hiking the ball to the either the holder or the kicker depending on the type of kick.

Snapper (S)

scrimmage downs normally begin with a snap from a player called the center to the quarterback. However, on kicking plays, a player called the snapper will perform the snap. They are specifically trained to get the ball to the kicker or holder.

Rookie Road Football Snapper Image

There are two types of snappers you should know in football:

Goals Of The Snapper (S)

The goals of the snapper are as follows:

The Long Snapper (LS)

On long snapper has a job of snapping the ball longer distances than a normal snapper. On punts, the long snapper will snap the ball approximately 15 yards. On field goals and extra point attempts, the long snapper will snap the ball 7 yards to a player called the holder. It is then the job of the holder to hold the ball in place for the placekicker.

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