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Football Safety

What is a safety in football? How many points is a safety worth? Get ready to learn about football safeties and the difference between NFL safeties and NCAA safeties in football.

The Safety

A safety in football is worth two points for the opposing team and happens when a team makes a mistake in their own end zone. Safeties are the only way the team on defense without the ball can score points in football.

Football Safety

A safety happens when a player with possession of the ball retreats into his own team's end zone and does the following:

Safety Kicks

Whenever a safety happens in a football game, a safety kick will immediately follow it to put the ball back into play. A safety kick is a type of kickoff. Safety kicks differ from normal kickoffs based on the restraining lines on the field. The restraining line for the receiving team is placed 20 yards away from the 35 yard line instead of ten yards away on normal kickoffs.

Football Safety Kick

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