Football Running Back

Chapter 8.4

In this chapter, we will learn more about the running back (RB), a player on the offense involved in both running and passing plays in football.

Meet the Running Back (RB)

Running backs are players on the offense that both run with the ball and catch passes. There are many types of running backs:

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The difference between the types of running backs is the following:

Halfback (HB)

Halfbacks are usually faster and smaller than fullbacks. They position themselves close to the quarterback on running plays to receive the hand-off on running plays.

Rookie Road Football Halfback Image

Fullback (FB)

Fullbacks are the bigger of the three types of running backs. Their job is to defend the halfback or tailback from being tackled by defensive players. They align themselves close to the halfback or tailback at the start of the scrimmage down.

Rookie Road Football Fullback Image

Tailback (TB)

Tailbacks are just like halfbacks, and only differ in where they position themselves in the offensive backfield at the start of a scrimmage down.

Rookie Road Football Tailback Image

PRO TIP: You can remember a tailback because where he stands on the field makes it look like the letter 'T'.

Passing Plays

On a passing play, the running back is considered an eligible receiver. He will look for a pass thrown by the quarterback. If the pass is caught, it is considered a completion. If the pass is dropped or thrown out-of-bounds it is an incompletion.

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Running Plays

On a running play, the running back will be handed the ball hand from the quarterback. Once the running backs has the ball, it is his job to carry the ball down the field for a gain of yards. Halfbacks or tailbacks will usually run with the ball. Fullbacks will defend the the ball carrier from being tackled.

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