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What is a returner in football? The football returner returns punts and kickoffs. Get ready to learn all about football returners.


A returner is a player on the special teams who performs returns. There are a few types of returners:

Football Returner

On a return, the returner's responsibilities are:


A return is when a returner catches the ball from a kickoff or punt and runs with it on the field toward the opposing team's end zone. The return determines the initial scrimmage line for the offensive drive.

Football Return

Touchdown Returns

On a touchdown return the returner scores a touchdown when making the return on a kickoff or punt. Touchdown returns are very rare and hard to do.

Field Position

Field position in football describes the location of the ball in relation to the end zones. On a return, a returner should bring the ball into the red zone if he can.

Football Field Position

Fair Catches

A fair catch is a signal the returner can make while the ball is in flight on a return to ask for an unhindered attempt at catching the ball.

Football Fair Catch


A touchback is a signal the returner can make in the end zone by dropping down on one knee when catching the kickoff or punt. Touchbacks place the scrimmage line on the 20-yard line.

Football Touchback

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