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Football Receivers

What is a receiver? The football receiver catches passes thrown by the quarterback. Get ready to learn all about football receivers.

Football Receivers

Receivers are a players on the offense that catch passes thrown by the quarterback in football. There are three main types of receivers:

Football Receiver

REMEMBER: You may think running backs only run with the ball. But, a running back can also catch passes as a receiver.


A route is planned path that a receiver follows on a football field with the intent of catching a pass thrown by the quarterback. Routes can be complicated or simple depending on the play design.

Football Route

Passing Plays

On a passing play the receiver looks to get open on the field for a pass thrown by the quarterback. A completion is a pass that's caught. An incompletion is a pass that is not caught or a throw that goes out of bounds.

Wide Receivers

A wide receiver is a receiver who stands wide near the sidelines at the start of a down on the scrimmage line. Wide receivers run complex routes on the field to fool defensive players and to create openings on the field to catch passes.

Football Wide Receiver

Tight Ends

A tight end is a receiver that is more flexible than a wide receiver. Tight ends can be extra blockers or catch passes based on the play design. Tight ends are on the strong side of the football field.

Football Tight End

LINGO ALERT: The strong side of the field is the side that the tight end is on. The weak side is the other side of the field. The strong side is used in play designs.

Running Backs

A running back is a receiver, versatile ball carrier, and blocker. A running back can be a half back, tailback, or fullback.

Football Running Back

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