Football Possession

Chapter 6.1

What does it mean to have control of the ball in football? Get ready to learn more about possession.


We've learned from past chapters about how teams score points in football. In order to score points in football, a team needs to have the ball.


When a team controls the game ball, they are said to have possession of the ball. Having possession of the ball is a powerful thing in football. Your team has the ability to move the ball on the field toward the opposing team's end zone and to ultimately score points. After all, the team with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

The team that has possession of the ball is said to be on offense since they will bring their offensive unit onto the field.

Rookie Road Football Possession Image

Moving The Ball

There are two ways that a team can move the ball in football.

  • Running the ball
  • Passing the ball

Change Of Possession

Teams will constantly change possession over the course of a game. We will learn all about how teams change possession of the game ball next.

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