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Football Play Clock

What is the play clock in football? The football play clock keeps a football game on pace. How much time is on the football play clock? Get ready to learn about the football play clock.

Football Play Clock

The play clock keeps track of time in between scrimmage downs.

Football Play Clock

The play clock will last either 40 seconds or 25 seconds based on what happened in the previous scrimmage down.

Football Scrimmage Downs

When a football team is on offense, they have four scrimmage downs to move the ball on the football field.

Football Scrimmage Down

The play clock forces players to play the next scrimmage down within 40 seconds or 25 seconds.

Football 40 Second Play Clock

Most of time, the play clock lasts 40 seconds. The offense has 40 seconds to snap the ball and play the scrimmage down. A penalty called Delay of Game will be given to the offense if they don't snap the ball in time.

Football 25 Second Play Clock

Sometimes the play clock lasts 25 seconds. The reduction of time from 40 seconds to 25 seconds happens if any of the following situations happen on the previous play:

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