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Football PAT

What is the PAT? We've already learned about the football extra point. Let's revisit it in this tutorial on football PATs or point after touchdown.


We've already learned about the extra point and how teams attempt to score points after touchdowns.

The extra point is also known as the PAT or point after touchdown. In this tutorial, we will revisit the PAT and discuss how the special teams perform it.

Football PAT

A PAT is performed by the special teams only after a touchdown is scored.

Football PAT

The PAT takes place on the 15 yard line (the one closer to the opposing team's end zone). It is an untimed scrimmage down, also called the try, where a team can kick the ball into the goal post for one point or run it into the end zone for two points.

If a team is unsuccessful, they earn zero additional points.

IMPORTANT: If you've ever wondered why a team only scored six points after a touchdown, it's because they missed the PAT.

The special teams will always perform the PAT.

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