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Football On Offense

What does it mean to be on offense in football? Get ready to learn about being on offense in football and how teams move the ball on the field.

On Offense

Being on offense in football means your team has the ball. A football team needs to have the ball to score points.

Football Possession

Line of Scrimmage

The line of scrimmage shows the spot of the ball on the football field. The line of scrimmage moves with the ball. When a team is on offense the line of scrimmage shows where they are on the field.

Football Line of Scrimmage

1st Down Line

The first down line shows the distance the team on offense needs to go to get a first down.

Football First Down Line


When a team is on offense they have four downs to move the ball on the field. Each down begins with a snap and ends when the ball is declared dead by officials.

Football Down

We'll learn more about the line of scrimmage, first down line, and downs coming up next.

Football Terms

Here are some glossary terms related to being on offense in football:

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