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Football Official

What is an official in football? An official is responsible for interpreting the football rules. Get ready to learn all about football officials.

Football Official

An official is responsible for interpreting the rules of the game and enforcing them on the football field.

Football Officials

There are seven officials in an NFL game:

  1. The Referee
  2. The Umpire
  3. The Down Judge
  4. The Line Judge
  5. The Field Judge
  6. The Side Judge
  7. The Back Judge

Football Referee

The referee is the head official and has the final say with all rulings on the field. If there is a disagreement between officials, the referee will step in and make the decision.

Football Flags

A flag in football is a yellow flag that is thrown onto the field by an official if a rule is broken.

Football Flag Throw

If a flag is thrown onto the field in football, fans and players refer to this as: A flag was thrown on the play.

Football Challenge

A challenge is a way for a coach to ask for an official to review the previous play with instant replay. To ask for a challenge the coach will throw a red flag on the field after a play.

Football Referee Signals

A referee signal is a way that the officials communicate with teams and fans during a game. After a flag is thrown, officials will signal the reason for the flag. The referee will use his hands to define the penalty as he makes an announcement.

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