Football Offensive Unit

Chapter 3.4

The offensive unit is called onto the field when a team has possession of the ball to score points. Get ready to learn about this group of offensive players.

Team Units

We've already learned that 11 players can be on the field per team during a scrimmage down. However, football is different from other sports in that it allows for unlimited substitutions whenever a play ends. As a result, layers are grouped into three main categories or units:

The Offensive Unit

The offensive unit, or the offense for short, is called onto the field once a team has possession of the ball.

Rookie Road Football Offense Image

PRO TIP: If you're ever lost, just look at which team has the ball. The team on offense will have the ball.

Offensive Unit Goals

Think of the offense as a highly aggressive unit of players whose main job is two-fold:

  1. to advance the ball toward the opposing team's end zone
  2. to score points

Without a good offense, a football team will struggle to score points. A team cannot win a football game without scoring points.

Offensive Player Positions

There are many ways to structure an offensive unit, but every offense will have the same basic structure:

  1. The Offensive Line
  2. Receivers
  3. Backs

We'll learn more about offensive player positions in future chapters.

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