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Football Offense Unit

A football offense is an important unit of players on a football team. Get ready to learn about offensive football and how to play aggressively in football.

Football Offenses

The offense is called onto the field once a team has possession of the ball during game.

Football Offense

PRO TIP: If you're ever lost, just look at which team has the ball. The team on offense always has the ball.

The Goals Of The Offense

The offense of a football team has the following goals:

  1. To advance the ball toward the opposing team's end zone
  2. To score points

Without a good offense, a football team will struggle to score points. A team cannot win a football game without scoring points.

Offense Player Positions

There are many ways to structure a football offense, but every offense will have the same basic structure:

Check out Football Offensive Positions to see the player positions.

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