Football Offensive Line

Chapter 8.2

The offensive line is a group of five (5) players in charge of defending the quarterback and countering the defensive line of the other team. Get ready to learn about the offensive line in football.


Every football team needs a strong offense to counter the opponent's defense. The offense is made up of two main parts:

The Offensive Line

There are five (5) players in the offensive line. They are the center, left and right guards, and left and right tackles. The offensive line is positioned on the line of scrimmage.

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Offensive Line Goals

The goals of the offensive line are the following:

The Center (C)

The center is the player in the middle of the offensive line. He stands opposite the defensive player known as the nose tackle.

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It is his job to snap or hike the ball to the quarterback to begin the scrimmage down.

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PRO TIP: The center stands in an area of the field called the neutral zone. No player can enter this zone before the ball is snapped into play or they risk a penalty called encroachment, a 5-yard penalty.

The Guards (LG/RG)

The left and right guards stand on the sides of the center. They usually stand opposite of the defensive tackles.

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The Tackles (LT/RT)

The left and right tackles stand on the ends of the offensive line. They usually stand opposite of the defensive ends.

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The Pocket

The offensive line counters the defensive line and creates an enclosed area called the pocket for the quarterback to stand in. A strong offensive line shields the quarterback from being hit by defensive players.

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