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Football Scrimmage Line

What is the line of scrimmage in football? What is the football blue line? Get ready to learn about the football scrimmage line and how it works in football.

Line of Scrimmage

The line of scrimmage is the yard line that shows the exact spot of the ball on the football field. The line of scrimmage lines up with the tip of the ball.

Football Line of Scrimmage

The line of scrimmage is also known as the scrimmage line.

Football Blue Line

You can see the line of scrimmage as a blue line on TV. You'll notice that the blue line moves at the start of every down. That's because the ball is moving on the field.

REMEMBER: The scrimmage line will always show the spot of the ball on the field!

Football Blue Line

Football Chain Crew

The chain crew is a group of referees responsible for marking the line of scrimmage after every down. They are called the chain crew because they carry a massive to chain to measure the exact location of the ball on the field.

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