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What is a kicker in football? The special teams kicker performs punts, kickoffs, and field goals in a football game. Get ready to learn all about football kickers.


The kicker is a player on the special teams. Kickers are responsible for performing all types of kicks in football. A kicker is needed on:

Football Kickers

Field Goal

A field goal can happen on any down and from anywhere on the football field. A place kicker will line up behind the scrimmage line and kick the ball through the goal post. A team should be in field goal range before they go for a field goal.

Football Field Goal

Extra Point

The extra point or PAT happens after a touchdown is scored. The kicker must kick the ball through the goal post for one additional point.

Football Extra Point


A punt is used to change possession. Punts are usually made on 4th down to prevent a turnover on downs.

Football Punt


A kickoff happens after any score in football. Kickoffs are kicked by a place kicker behind restraining lines.

Football Kickoffs

Place kicker

A place kicker is a type of kicker that performs kickoffs, field goals, and extra points. The ball is placed on a tee or held in place by a holder, a player on the special teams.

![Football Place kicker](/img/football/football-place kicker.png)


A punter is a type of kicker that performs punts.

Football Punter

Drop Kick

A drop kick is a type of kick that happens on punts. The kicker gets the ball from the snap, drops it in the air and kicks it.

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