Football Huddle

Chapter 8.1

Have you ever seen a group of football players gathering together in a group on the field? That's called the huddle, a short meeting to discuss the upcoming play.

The Huddle

At the beginning of every scrimmage down, the offense may form a quick meeting to discuss the upcoming play. This is called the huddle and it is usually led by the quarterback a player in the offensive-unit that we'll learn about soon.

Rookie Road Football Huddle Image

The purpose of the huddle is to talk strategy for the upcoming play. The quarterback will talk to his team and tell them what to do during this time.

Hurry-up Offense

The offense may choose to skip the huddle. This strategy is called hurry-up offense. It is often to used to confuse the defense and to give them the shortest amount of time to rest and get ready for the next scrimmage down.

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