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Football Home And Away

What is the home team in football? What is the away team in football? Get ready to learn about home and away in football and the perks of being the home team or away team in a football game.

Home and Away

Football is a game played between two teams. In football, one team is the home team, and the other team is the away team. Each team gets a set of advantages during the game.

The Home Team

The home team has home field advantage because they own the field. You can always tell which team is the home team based on the logos on the field. Usually, the home team has a higher number of fans in attendance.

Home Field Advantage

Home field advantage is a mental edge that a team has over the opponent. This mental edge exists because:

  1. The team has prior experience playing on the field
  2. The team has more fans in attendance

The Away Team

The away team is the team that is visiting the field. The away team may have fewer fans in attendance.

Football Away Team

During the football coin toss, the away team gets to call heads or tails.

PRO TIP: Sometimes there are two away teams. This situation happens when both teams are visiting the playing field. In this case, the referee chooses will choose which team gets to call heads or tails on the coin toss.

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