Football Gunners

Chapter 10.6

The gunner is a player who sprints on the field to tackle the returner. Get ready to learn about the gunner in football.


We've already learned about returns and the returner in past chapters.

Now, it's time to meet the gunner, a player on the special teams responsible for tackling the returner.

Gunners (G)

It's the role of the gunner to sprint on the football field during a punt return or kickoff return to tackle the returner.

Rookie Road Football Gunner Image

Goals Of The Gunner

Gunners are lightning fast and have an ability to pass blockers on the opposing team to reach the returner. Gunners usually run on the sidelines of the field immediately when the ball is kicked to get to the returner as soon as possible.

In the best case scenario, a gunner will tackle the returner or force him to signal for a fair catch.

PRO TIP: you may hear the term jammer when discussing gunners. jammers are players on the receiving team during a return that are tasked with impeding the movement of the gunner. Sometimes, a team will assign two (2) jammers to a single gunner.

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