Football Field Lines

Chapter 1.1

Get ready to learn about the four types of lines on a football field. We'll explain the end lines, sidelines, goal lines, and yard lines.


To understand football, we must first learn about the playing surface or the football field.

There are four types of lines on a regulation football field.

End Lines

The end lines are the lines located on the ends of the field. More specifically, they are located at the back of each end zone. We'll learn about end zones in a bit.

Rookie Road Football End Lines Image


On the 'sides' of the field are the sidelines. The sidelines are home to all types of people like the head coach, the coordinators, the football players, and the media/press (photographers, film crews).

Rookie Road Football Sidelines Image

The sidelines and end lines make up the perimeter of a football field. Together they also form the boundary lines dividing the field between inbounds and out-of-bounds. We'll learn about the boundary lines shortly.

Goal Lines

The goal lines are located 10 yards from the end lines and mark the start of each end zone. The goal lines combined with the sidelines make up the field of play, one of the two important components of a football field that we will learn about next.

Rookie Road Football Goal Lines Image

Yard lines

We've highlighted the yard lines in the picture below. Yard lines each indicate a single yard on the field. There are 98 yard lines on a regulation football field. You may notice that some yard lines are shortened while others connect from sideline to sideline. There is no difference between the shortened yard lines and the longer ones.

Rookie Road Football Yard Lines Image

Every 10 yards is big white number on the yard lines. These numbers help fans and players keep track of where they are on the field. They also assign a name to each yard line.

The 50-Yd Line

There are duplicates of every yard line on the field, but only one 50-yd line.

Rookie Road Football 50-yd Line Image

The 50-yd line is located at the middle of the field and divides it equally into two pieces.

REMEMBER: If someone refers to the 1-yd line, 2-yd line, 3-yd line, and so on... up to the 49-yd line, you'll need to ask them on which side of the field they are referring to since there are duplicates of each yard line. Again, there is only one 50-yd line.

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