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Football Field Goal

What is a field goal in football? How many points is a field goal worth? Get ready to learn about football field goals and the difference between NFL field goals and NCAA field goals in football.

Field Goals

A field goal in football is worth three points and requires a team to kick the ball into the opposing team's goal post. A football team can kick a field goal from anywhere on the field.

Football Field Goal

Field Goal Range

A team should only kick a field goal if they are within field goal range.

Football Field Goal Range

Goal Posts

The goal posts are at the back of the end zones on the end lines.

Football Goal Post

Football Special Teams

The following special teams players work together to make a field goal:

Football Special Teams

Long Snappers

The long snapper hikes the ball to the holder.


The holder holds the ball in place on the field for the kicker to kick.

Place kickers

The place kicker runs toward the ball held by the holder and kicks it towards the field goal.

It's Good!

If the ball travels through the goal post, the kick is good! The official will raise his hands into the air to show it was a successful kick.

REMEMBER: For a field goal to count, the ball must travel above the cross bar and in between the uprights to be considered good.

Field Goal Strategy

A football team can attempt a field goal on any scrimmage down and from anywhere on the football field. Most field goals are attempted on fourth down or if there is little time left on the game clock. Football teams prefer touchdowns over field goals since they are worth twice the number of points.

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