Football Field Goals

Chapter 4.7

Football games are often won with field goals. Get ready to learn more about them and the importance of the goal posts.

Field Goals

A field goal is three (3) points.

The team with possession of the ball can kick a field goals from anywhere on the field at any time. However, it only makes sense to kick a field goal if your team is in field goal range.

We'll learn more about field goal range next.

The Importance of the Goal Posts

We've already learned about the the goal posts when we discussed the components on a football field.

Rookie Road Football Goal Post Image

There are three (3) players you should know on the special teams involved with a field goal attempt:

The long snapper has a job to hike the ball to the holder. It is then the job of the holder to hold the ball in place for the kicker to kick.

The Kick is Good

When a kick is successful, the official will raise his hands into the air like so:

For a field goals or extra kicks to count the ball must travel above the horizontal cross-bar and travel in-between the both vertical bars of the goal post. A successful kick is known as good.

REMEMBER: There is no such thing as a missed kick being called bad. No one ever says the kick was bad, they just say it missed.

Field Goal Strategy

A football team can attempt a field goal on any scrimmage down and from anywhere on the field. However, most field goals are attempted on 4th down or if there is little time left on the game clock. Why? Football teams prefer touchdowns over a field goals, since it is worth twice the number of points.

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