Football Field Goal Range

Chapter 4.8

Football games are often won with field goals. But, a team will only attempt a field goal if they are within field goal range. Get ready to learn what that means.


Recall from the last chapter that a field goal is worth three (3) points.

A field goal is performed by a kicker on the special teams and can be attempted from anywhere on the field and on any scrimmage down.

Field Goal Range

Field goal range is the maximum distance your team should be located on the field before your kicker attempts a field goal. It is based on numerous statistics on how kickers have performed in the past.

Determining Field Goal Range

To determine field goal range follow these steps:

  1. Locate the line of scrimmage.
  2. Add 17 yards to that yard line.

Rookie Road Football Field Goal Range Example Image

As pictured above, if a team is on the 40-yard line, they are fifty-seven (57) yards from the goal post.

Why Add 17 Yards?

10 + 7 = 17

Within Field Goal Range

A team is said to be within field goal range, if they are at least 52 yards or closer to the opposing team's end zone. That would mean a team should at least be on the opposing team's 35-yard line before attempting a kick for the highest change of success.

Rookie Road Football Within Field Goal Range Image

Out Of Field Goal Range

A team is said to be out of field goal range, if they are greater than 52 yards to opposing team's end zone.

Rookie Road Football Out of Field Goal Range Image

It is not impossible to score a field goal outside of field goal range, it's just very unlikely. It has, of course, been done before. That's the beauty of sports, anything can happen. But, like all sports, football is a game of percentages.

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