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Football Field Dimensions

How long is a football field? How wide is a football field? What are the dimensions of a football field? Get ready to learn about the width and height of a football field.

Football Field

The football field is where the game of football is played:

Football Field

REMEMBER: The dimensions of a football field vary for high school football, college football, and NFL football.

Football Field Dimensions

Here are the dimensions of a football field:

Football Field Dimensions

Football Field Width

A regulation football field measures 53 and 1/3 yards wide.

LINGO ALERT: When we say regulation in this context, we mean a standard size football field.

Football Field Length

A regulation football field measures 120 yards in length.

IMPORTANT: You may have heard before that a football field is 100 yards long. This is incorrect. A regulation football field is 120 yards in length. Most people get confused because they think the field of play is 100 yards long. The end zones are 10 yards long making the total length of a football field 120 yards.

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